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Lebanese Taverna

April 22, 2009

Lebanese Taverna
Locations throughout D.C. metro area

We arrived at the restaurant during happy hour and waited for the rest of our party at the bar.  The new(ish) Bethesda location is spacious and beautifully decorated, and the happy hour specials are pretty nice too.  Four dollar glasses of wine, and $5 martinis from 4-7 pm is pretty hard to beat.

photo courtesy of lebanese taverna

photo courtesy of lebanese taverna

We waited at the bar until our entire party arrived.  While the restaurant is spacious, the acoustics are terrible.  It was impossible to have a conversation with someone sitting across the table from you, so I was left to those who were next to me.  Additionally, the service was slow, and it wasn’t a busy night.  At one point I think one of my fellow diners waited over 30 minutes for a soda.

But the food is another thing.  For starters, I could eat their hummus and bread and go home completely full.  It was warm straight from the oven with the right amount of crunch and softness.  The hummus was almost perfect – but I like mine on the lemony side.  I could eat that bread and hummus everyday.

The wine list has selections from throughout the world, including a few Lebanese selections, which we were eager to try. We selected a crisp, sweet white Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc blend that accompanied most of our choices well.

My meal was simple yet delicious;  I ordered Farrouj Meshwi; grilled chicken and squash with home fried potatoes, all Mediterranean style.  I cannot say enough about the food here –  the chicken was well seasoned with bold flavors and perfectly moist. The veggies were grilled perfectly. The potatoes were a little soggy, but the garlic sauce that accompanied the dish made up for its flaws.

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