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March Baker’s Dozen

March 31, 2009

Monthly news bites about baking, recipes, or recipes I want to try:

  • I love the idea of these [cupcake popsicles], although I don’t know if I would go out of the way to buy a special pan.
  • The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing. Check out these [restaurants] adding cherry cocktails, entrees and desserts to their menu in celebration.
  • Make your own [peeps], at where else, but Martha Stewart. Speaking of, check out the top 37 entries at the [Washington Post Peep Show].
  • James Beard award nominations were annouced this month.  Check out the [complete list] of semifinalists as well as a slimmed down list of the [D.C. nominees].
  • Still a few more days to enter the Dunkin Donuts [Create-A-Donut] contest.  Entries due April 7.
  • Love this article about creative things to do with [condensed milk] since I have an extra can leftover from the key lime pie I made earlier this month.
  • Also from Serious Eats, this series about [Cooking with a Friend] is a great idea for those who live alone but love to cook.
  • While searching for [bread pudding] recipes, I stumbled on this [donut bread pudding].  I am tempted to make it and see how it turns out, but I will probably omit the sugar.
  • These [velvet kisses] remind me of Bakerella’s [cake pops] which I have yet to master.  Still, I want to try this adorable variation.
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