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Nooshi Happy Hour

March 6, 2009

Nooshi Noodles and Sushi
1120 19th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20036
Nearest Metro: Dupont Circle

Last week I met my Mom for Happy Hour, or as they call it at Nooshi “Crazy Hours”, between four and seven pm for half priced drinks and a few quick bites.  Let me first say that while everything is really inexpensive and tasty, it is not the best place to have happy hour with your Mom.  The noise combined with the terrible service really turned her off to the restaurant, not to mention GW students seem to flock to this place, making her feel out of place. 

We started with Edamame, and then split the chicken satay, Seven Spices Tofu “fries” and the Oodles Spring Onion Cakes, for a mini meal of appitizers.  Everything was really tasty, especially the Oodles Spring Onion cakes, which were fried noodle pancakes with green onions and a sweet and sour dipping sauce.  We also really liked the tofu “fries” which were thin pieces of tofu cut like french fries, fried and then heavily spiced.  We had a similar dish at Tara Thai in Rockville called “Golden Triangles”, however, the tofu there was much thicker.  I liked this better because the tofu was crispy all over.  The only thing I would change about that dish would be that they had a dipping sauce as the tofu is a bit dry.   Luckily, we had the peanut sauce from the Chicken Satay, which was also delicious. 

We both ordered a glass of wine which was a mistake – we should know better to order wine when everyone else is ordering cocktails.   In hindsight I would have liked to try one of their Mojitos which come in a really pretty narrow glass, but I wasn’t in the mood at the time.

My mom said she wouldn’t go back, but I would be interested in going for dinner and to try the sushi, perhaps with someone younger who didn’t mind all the students and the noise.  But we both agreed it was a nice, inexpensive treat that left us full without feeling stuffed.  I would definitely eat there again when the craving for a quick Asian inspired bite hits me.

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