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January’s Baker’s Dozen

January 31, 2009

Monthly news bites about baking, recipes, or recipes I want to try:

  • It’s not getting warmer any time soon, so why not make some [homemade marshmallows] for your hot chocolate. 
  • Valentines Day is next month, so here are some [tips] from Martha Stewart, on how to package your lovely homemade baked goods.
  • I love the look of those [laser cut cupcakes holders], but in tight times, it might be more economical (and fun) to [make your own].
  • I made this [banana cake] for T’s birthday, and it was a huge hit with his friends.  However, I copied [The Repressed Pastry Chef’s presentation], to give it a little something extra. 
  • I’m behind on the Etsy obsession, but now I’ve got it bad.  I especially love [The Bee’s Knees] lovely collection of cake stands.  The [Yellow Gold] is my favorite, it is such a cheerful color!
  • I made this [coffee cake] for an office brunch.  EVERYONE went back for seconds. 
  • One of my best friends is turning 21 in February.  I plan on making her red velvet cupcakes with [THE recipe], and these beautiful cupcakes as my decorating [inspiration].
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