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Fresh pasta at Filomena

December 18, 2008

Filomena Ristorante
1603 Wisconsin Ave, Washington D.C. 20007
Nearest Metro: Foggy Bottom

Since the death of Restaurante Piccolo, my best friend JB and I have no where to go when we crave some romantic alone time together.  And what I mean by romantic is a carb heavy, food coma inducing, pasta filled lunch. 

On the hunt for some delicious pasta, we decided to check out Filomena Ristorante, which also happens to be in Georgetown.  The setting is not nearly as romantic or intimate as Piccolo, and two days after Thanksgiving the restaurant was covered in tacky Christmas decorations.  I MEAN covered, we sat next to a huge, fake tree as pictured below. 

But aside all that, the goal was to find a restaurant that served equally lovely (but large) plates of delicious pasta and Filomena has a reputation for having some of the best fresh pasta in the city, thanks to their Pasta Mama’s.  We ordered the “usual”; gnocchi for me, and linguine with clams for her.  While the fresh pasta was certainly delicious, I felt the gnocchi was ruined by the meat sauce it was in.  While I like meat sauce, I don’t think the two are good together.  Meat sauce is chunky, and is best with shells, or something to “hold” the meat.  I prefer smooth, creamy, sauces when eating those delicious doughy dumplings. 

JB seemed to enjoy her linguine with clams, and the fresh pasta really makes a difference.  But as a whole, the food and the restaurant is nothing special.  The huge space complete with salad bar and lunch buffet might be better for groups, and not a romantic date.

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  1. December 18, 2008 3:03 pm

    The fresh pasta is a huge different…I can immediately tell between homemade and store bought. The linguine and clams sound amazing right now.

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