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Buzz Bakery

December 2, 2008

Buzz Bakery
901 Slaters Ln, Alexandria, Va. 22314
Nearest Metro: Braddock Road

I heard about Buzz Bakery a few years ago from a colleague but never had the opportunity to get to the bakery until last week. I was excited to try their cupcakes; I have nothing but good things about the bakery, and most people will agree they were one of the few shops that sold quality cupcakes before the trend emerged.

I planned to pick up a few to go, including their signature “bumble bee” cupcake to taste at home with friends. Unfortunately, while waiting in line they sold out, but the sales person helping me was kind enough to give me an extra cupcake to compensate.


We tasted the chocolate with chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, red velvet, carrot and the “buzz” cupcake (coffee buttercream with chocolate cake). In general, I do not enjoy carrot cake with raisins, so it was automatically my least favorite. The buzz cupcake came in a close second to last, as the coffee buttercream had a mousse- like texture.  Personally, the coffee flavor was too faint, I would have enjoyed a stronger coffee for it to be a “buzz” cupcake. 

On the moist and delicious side were the chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. All three cakes were dense and rich, with creamy, sweet (but not sickeningly sweet) sweet frostings. The cream cheese frosting is a real treat for cream cheese lovers, as it has the smallest hint of sugar, you can really taste the cream cheese.

The red velvet is my favorite red velvet in the D.C. area, I think it might even be better then the red velvet from Baked and Wired. I really enjoyed my cupcakes from Buzz Bakery; they make classic cupcakes and they make them well.  and I wish I was in town this weekend for the cupcake meet up on Saturday so I could go back and try the “bumble bee”.

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