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October Baker’s Dozen

October 31, 2008

Monthly news bites about baking, recipes, or recipes I want to try:

  • I happen to have the book [Crazy About Cupcakes] and I love it!  How to Eat a Cupcake has [interesting take] on the moistest, delicious banana cupcake recipe from the book. 
  • D.C. Restaurants are only adding to election fever.  Support your candidate by [dining out] at restaurants serving election themed dishes and treats. 
  • I like this post about baking, [Sometimes a Cupcake is Just a Cupcake]
  • D.C. is in a complete cupcake frenzy!  It’s hard to pick a favorite shop, so I like [this in depth analysis] about the different flavors at Capitol Spice. 
  • I am always on the look out for interesting breakfast recipes.  These [individual french toasts] look amazing!
  • Something to look forward to in April: a foodie’s [tour] of D.C. 
  • I really like this recipe from the Repressed Pastry Chef for quick, [easy donuts].  It’s a great way to get fresh donuts without leaving the house. 
  • Every year I say I’m going to make a gingerbread house and I never get around to it.  [Here are] instructions for a cute Halloween one, courtesy of Dylans Candy Bar. 
  • I made these [Caramel Popcorn Ghosts] for a few halloween care packages.  Be sure to bake these at 350 for 10 15 minutes as they get soggy with cooking. 
  • Sandwich cookies are all the rage these days.  Check out this post at [Cake Spy] for a little inspiration to make your own. 
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