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Maryland Seafood Month

October 25, 2008

4231 Markham Street #E Annandale, Virginia 22003

In honor of October being Maryland Seafood Month I wanted to make sure to get out to a seafood oriented restaurant. My sister was home for fall break recently and my parents took us out to dinner on one of the few occasions we all had time to get together.

We headed to our favorite sashimi spot in Virginia. Eating seafood in Virginia during Maryland Seafood Month, go figure. Pado Sushi Restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall in the center of Koreatown, in Annandale, Virginia. There is a tank full of the day’s fresh fish, wooden tables and chairs, TVs playing Korean dramas and a little sushi bar. Very low key décor similar to what is seen at many other hole-in-the-walls.

While there is sushi, the best thing to order here is the flounder sashimi. Two to Three pounds is plenty for a group of four diners. Included when you order the flounder sashimi is two courses of authentic Korean seafood side dishes. There are plenty of sides to go around and some of the dishes that came out were: mussels, squid cooked in various ways, saury fish, shrimp, nori, spicy noodles, seafood pajeon (Korean pancake like dish made with eggs, flour, green onions and clams), and others.

The main course of flounder sashimi is served on a bed of shredded daikon with lemons and ginger. There are dipping bowls, soy sauce, and wasabi at each table. The flounder was fresh, with a light and delicate taste. But, that’s not all, included in the meal is an additional course after the sashimi is finished.

The final course was a spicy fish stew known to Koreans as Mae-un tang served piping hot with rice. To Koreans Mae-un tang is comfort food and it was good at Pado, but it could have been a tad spicier. The meal was finished off with fresh fruit as many Korean meals are.

Pado is definitely a place to try for extremely fresh sashimi and authentic Korean seafood dishes. However, I would recommend, that for those unfamiliar with Korean food or sushi to take a Korean friend along to show you the ropes. My family and I are very particular about which Korean restaurants we go to because we want as close to authentic Korean as we can get. Pado delivers with freshness, quality, and authenticity.

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