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Taste of Bethesda

October 5, 2008

It was a beautiful day for Taste of Bethesda! I walked over around 12:30 with my friend Ben, to sample the best of what Bethesda had to offer. In comparison to Taste of Friendship, there were so many restaurants it was almost overwhelming. But having planned this event for 19 years now, Bethesda Urban Partnership was prepared, and provided us with maps.The tickets were sold in bundles of 4 for $5. We bought 8 tickets, which was enough for a drink, snack, “entree” and dessert. Here are my favorites from the afternoon:


pasta and a meatball from olazzo

I had always wanted to try Olazzo, so this was the perfect opportunity. The rose sauce was excellent, and the pasta was cooked perfectly. I found the meatball well seasoned but a little fatty, but I think that has more to do with personal preference than anything else. The portions, as most of the booths were generous and I was impressed.

lots of options from Shangri-La

lots of options from shangri-la

Ben had Indian food from Shangri-La, which I have never heard of. He seemed happy with his meal, and said the highlight was the samosa. Most Indian restaurants were offering the exact same selection of dishes so it would have been fun to go around and compare.

creative presentation from jaleo

creative presentation from jaleo

One of my favorite restaurants, Jaleo was offering chicken paella out of the largest frying pan I have ever seen! The presentation was amazing, and it attracted plenty of customers. We went back an hour after our first visit and it was gone.

grilling with divino lounge

grilling with divino lounge

Divino, another tapas restaurant was also offering two varieties of paella as well as grilling sausages and ribs. It looked and smelled delicious! I wished I had more tickets!

We got gelato for dessert because it was a warm day, but I couldn’t go to Taste without at least looking at the Just Cakes display. On their website they said they were making over 3000 cupcakes for the day, and when we walked by there was still a decent selection. However, they were selling their cupcakes for 3 tickets, which is $3.75 if you do the math. According to the Washington Post, that’s more than they usually sell them for in store. I thought this was supposed to be an opportunity to taste things for a discounted price? I was really disappointed.

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