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September Bakers Dozen

September 24, 2008

Monthly news bites about baking, recipes, or recipes I want to try:

  • The Washington Post is taking your vote the best cupcakes in DC.  Go vote for your favorite in the [Cupcake Wars]
  • Where in the district can you take your dog out to eat with you?  Find out at [metrocurean]
  • In July, I obsessed over how to [make french macaroons].  David Leboviz has a post packed with information, it really is the ultimate guide.  This will definitely be my next rainy day project. 
  • Now that it’s getting cold, it’s all about comfort food.  [Monkey bread] is the ultimate (but easy) morning treat. 
  • I have attempted to make gnocchi a few times, and I’ll be honest, it’s always turned to mush.  This [recipe for gnocchi] by Mario Batali via [DC Foodies] looks simple and makes me want to give it another try. 
  • I made these [chocolate peanut butter cookies] for the office without telling anyone they were vegan. 
  • If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a cupcake fanatic.  So, tomorrow I’m attending [DC’s First Annual Cupcake Contest].  You can expect a full report. 
  • I’m trying to branch out and bake more cookies.  These [brown sugar sandwich cookies] look so elegant and the poppyseeds are unexpected.
  • Apples are my favorite fruit, and I eat at least one everyday!  Now that they are in season, its time to head down to the local orchards and get picking!  If you aren’t a great pie maker, you might want to consider this great [Caramel Apple Guide] from Allrecipes. 
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