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Photos from Taste of Friendship Heights

September 21, 2008

Yesterday was taste of Friendship Heights and I stopped by to taste the cuisine of my new neighborhood.  All in all the event seemed like a success!  I got there a little later in the afternoon, but there was still a fair amount of food left at most stations.

chicken tikka and a mango lassi

chicken tikka and a mango lassi

My favorite was Indique Heights, serving chicken tikka with rice and mango lassi’s to drink.  The portions were generous and a part of the proceeds went to charity so what could be bad?

Famoso Restaurant and Grill attended, with plates of grilled vegetables which I didn’t try.  Rock Creek Restaurant sent their pastry chef with minature cupcakes and Lia’s brought their assistant chef who prepared samples of anti pastas and pastas.

a tray of truffles from Brighton Gardens

a tray of truffles from Brighton Gardens

Brighton Gardens sent their pastry chef who brought small pastries as well, and I tried a dark chocolate truffle dusted in bittersweet chocolate.  My grandma lives in Brighton Gardens and from the way she talks about the food, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was pretty tasty!

Since there aren’t that many restaurants in the area, I wish each brought more food to share, but it was a beautiful day, and across the street from my apartment, so the foodie in me had no excuse not to show up.

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