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New Haven

September 3, 2008

For the long weekend I thought I would go up to New Haven and see JB since she’s getting her phD and will be there for the long haul.  Peter, a UConn grad, couldn’t make it, but he had many suggestions about places to eat and things to see.  And PK was there, so I expected nothing less then a culinary adventure of New Haven!

Since I got in at 3 am, it was too late to do pretty much anything.  But the next day after settling in we went out for lunch at the cheese shop, Caseus (93 Whitney), where they served homemade tarts, sandwiches, and mac and cheese among their selection of cheeses and charcuterie boards.  I, of course, ordered the mac and cheese! 

For dessert we ordered a chocolate pots de creme and a goat cheese cheesecake.  Everything was so delicious and decadent, perfect for the last Saturday afternoon before summer’s end.  

goat cheese cheesecake

goat cheese cheesecake

 For dinner that night we ordered pizza carry out.  Peter had suggested we eat at Pepe’s Apizza but the lines are usually out the door, and the wait takes hours.  Instead we opted for Modern Apizza (874 State).  Peter had never explained to me exactly what an “apizza” was, so after a few hours of arguing between JB and her roommates, I ended up just looking it up on wikipedia.  I guess the way an “apizza” is cooked is different then other styles of pizza (vs. deep dish or regular thin crust). 

pizza party!

pizza party!

I love thin crust, so I was really liked this style of pizza.  However, the crust is a little more chewy than regular thin crust.  And as most wood fired ovens the crust comes with a nice char.  There was plenty of cheese (and toppings for those who like that sort of thing).  I did not taste the “signature” clam pizza, but I don’t think I missed much, as no one insisted on ordering it!

The next morning we made a crepe brunch and after an afternoon of touring around Yale we went for dinner to the restaurant Zinc (964 Chapel).  Zinc is a cute American bistro style restaurant in the main strip of downtown New Haven.  The atmosphere is as trendy as a “big city” restaurant and the food is on par as well.  While they were out of the special for the evening (at 7:30), I settled for the hanger steak.  While it was pretty good, the true stars at Zinc

delicious duck nachos

delicious duck nachos

are the appetizers.  We ordered the slow roasted pork, duck nachos, and a tomato salad to share.  I cannot say enough about the duck nachos were unlike anything I had before, except while they were delicious, I would have liked more duck! 

Truthfully, my mascarpone and chocolate roulade (fancy twinky) dessert did not blow me away.  But what I did notice, (but not taste) was the goat cheese cheesecake.  This is the third restaurant I’ve been to in the past month that has had it as an option on their dessert menu.  It must be the new “it” dessert because I’m seeing it everywhere. 

I was sad to leave New Haven, since it’s a really cute town with a lot of restaurants and shops to explore.  I recommend stopping by on a trip up the coast or just for a day visit, if you are close, it is worth exploring (both the university and town).

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  1. September 4, 2008 4:30 am

    One other suggestion as far as New Haven eateries is Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant. It is a New Haven institution known for their amazing chicken wings. They consistently win “Best Buffalo Wing” awards in the state. Also located in Milford, Fairfield, Derby, and Wallingford.


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