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A bad SNL skit

August 11, 2008

Sticky Rice
1224 H Street N.E. Washington, DC 20002
Nearest Metro: Union Station

photo courtesy of sticky rice dc

photo courtesy of sticky rice dc

Sticky Rice is all about comfort food meeting Asian cuisine, which I can really get behind.  I mean how many places do you know that serve sushi and noodles alongside burgers, tater tots and wings? 

I went with PK, another chef from his restaurant and his parents who happen to know one of the owners of the restaurant.  Crammed in a little rowhouse, the restaurant is cute with an Asian/black and red theme.  Towards the end of the meal the bar areas were crowded (especially upstairs) and looked uncomfortable, however, the food was a great experience, getting to check out H Street was something I wanted to do.

The atmosphere and servers are all really laid back, almost too slow, for an inexpensive sushi joint.  We ordered way too many appetizers which actually ended up being a good thing as they were the best part of the meal.  My favorite dish were the “Sticky Balls.”  While the name sounds a little gross, but it was actually, “[t]una, crab, siracha, rice in an inari pocket deep fried w/ scallions, wasabi dressing and eel sauce.”  They were crunchy, rich and indulgent.  Oh, and they had a little spicy kick too!  My second favorite would be the salmon bites, these delicious bite sized seared salmon pieces with crunchy seasame seeds and a yummy mystery drizzle. 

On the bad side?  The tots.  I had been reading about these tots, and while they were tastier than what you might find out of a bag in the frozen section, they were nothing to write home about.  The whole table was expecting to be blown away, and all we got were… tots. 

We ordered rolls and some noodle bowls, but were extremely full from snacking on various appetizers.  The sushi was good, as was my Curry Fried Rice bowl, nothing spectacular or innovative.  But then again, not every meal has to be. 

I would go again, if only for the Sticky Balls.

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