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A well celebrated birthday

August 4, 2008

Between getting older, moving and work (oh that), I have barely found a second to breathe, let alone blog. While things will still be slow as I settle in, and get internet, I will do my best to pop up as much as I can.
But back to getting older…  What is a birthday girl who loves food to do on her birthday? Eat! And that is what I did… repeatedly.

I started out the night before with my friend B who is one of my favorite foodie pals. We met working in a restaurant and talked about food non stop to pass the time (it was always a slow day at that restaurant). We headed over to the new Redwood restaurant on Bethesda Lane.  I already love Redwood, it is gorgeous and unlike anything else in Bethesda to date. The bar is just stunning, and the service was perfect. While they are still in “soft opening”, the restaurant is booked everyday and almost impossible to walk in for a meal. Luckily the bar menu is pretty solid, my fav being the mac and cheese sans bacon- with is too salty for me!

On the actual day of my birth, T and I were supposed to go out to Co Co Sala and eat dessert/drink champagne. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Co Co Sala, but after an extra long day at work, I just did not have the energy. T and I ordered in some Chinese food from Foong Lin and popped a bottle of Spanish sparkling wine. We ate on the couch and I’m pretty sure I passed out 10 minutes after dinner ended.

Friday the weekend of, my mother (and ex roommate) planned a small celebration at home for me and some family friends. She ordered in food from India Grill in Rockville, which is one of my favorite restaurants of all time! I go there so much I don’t even have to order anymore. While I find their samosas a little too greasy, the yellow lentils are the best and I always find myself eating vegeterian when I go there even though I am a meat lover, through and through. For dessert my mom had ordered Georgetown Cupcake and we finally got to taste the Key Lime and Red Velvet, both of which were good. You have to eat these the day of though, because they just don’t last!

It didn’t end there! After spending the entire day moving, Saturday night the girls and I got together with T and a few of his friends and headed over to Proof. Proof has a special place in my heart, because Peter and I had dinner together there and realized that the blog was something we wanted to do. While he couldn’t come, he was there in spirit! The menu hasn’t changed much since our last visit, with the exception of the sides which are now focused on summer vegetables. I couldn’t help myself, for my first course I ordered the meatball and raviolli app, even though I had that exact dish last time. I could really eat a meal of that, it is so so good. My entree it self was not too memorable. My friend JB ordered the duck that I had last time and while I had found it under cooked, hers was completely over done. But I love Proof, because you cannot go wrong with wine there, and overall the food is good.  I would go back, but there are so many other restaurants to try!

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