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The Delaware Shore – Snack Edition

July 22, 2008
In addition to BBQs, another fine Washington tradition is to escape the miserable humidity, and head down to the Shore. While there are many different beaches, my personal favorite is Rehoboth. The girls and I headed down for the weekend for a quick getaway from the sweltering city. Despite the crowds, it is still possible to find a comfortable spot in the sand and spend the day reading, building sand castles, swimming and tanning (or not tanning, in my case). Oh, and snacking. With its proximity to the boardwalk, it is very easy to get carried away if you are on a diet. But, since I’m not, it was really just junk food paradise.
Candy Kitchen
26 Rehoboth Ave with other locations

If you only bring home one thing from the beach it should probably be some salt water taffy from Candy Kitchen for your desk. While I’m not a huge taffy fan, I would say this is the quintessential beach snack, and Candy Kitchen has loads of it, in various flavors. Additionally, Candy Kitchen makes some of the best fudge I’ve had, my personal favorite being Chocolate Peanut Butter. Of the few other flavors we sampled, we also liked Pistachio, and Maple Walnut. And while the pink swirls in the Chocolate Raspberry looked nice, it tasted a little off. They also sell specialty chocolates and truffles, but I’ve never sampled those. With locations in the Deleware Shore, Ocean City and Virginia Beach, you really have no excuse for not bringing some home for those who were not fortunate enough to join you!

Grotto Pizza
10 S Boardwalk with other locations

Another beach staple, serving up… pizza. Great combo deals for one or two slices and a soda, and more recently personal pizzas. The slices are big and greasy, everything you could want in a quick beach lunch. It’s not going to be the best pizza you’ve ever eaten, but after a few hours of salty air, and oceanside activity you’ll gobble it down. Grotto now sells gelato, but the boardwalk is dotted with local soft serve spots, so, you’ll want to pass.

Gus & Gus Place
15 South Boardwalk

We didn’t have the chance to eat lunch here, since we had Grotto, but this is another beach staple. Quick burgers and fries, chicken tenders, typical American fare. But speaking of french fries…

Thrashers French Fries
26 Rehoboth Ave with other locations

Don’t think about asking for ketchup. Served in huge buckets, these fries are sprinkled in vinegar, salt and grease and are beyond delicious. A must eat for any beach go-er, Thrashers has been a boardwalk staple for over 10 years. Just eat and enjoy… don’t think about the health benefits, or um… lack thereof. Otherwise you’ll regret it.

Other snacks

In addition to the delicious pizza, fries and candy, there are lots of local shops (and some chains) that will compete for your attention. Soft serve, caramel corn, funnel cakes and lemonade stands are abundant. When in doubt, look for locally made, although JM said when it came to soft serve she prefered TCBY over it all. While the chains are there (Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks) its easy to find a comparable, local version as well. For breakfast it was easy to find a local coffee shop where I ordered a delicious raspberry and cream cheese croissant, you just have to keep your eyes open and walk around. Since it was a quick trip I didn’t get to taste as much as I wanted to, but I’ll be back again next year!

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